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After years of searching these posts for user reviews of treatments for Tinea Barbae, I have yet to find one. There HAS to be others like me out there. It is not easy having your face look this way. Let me start by saying that I have had this "condition" of what was most recently diagnosed as Tinea Barbae for YEARS. I am 23 now and can remember the origins of it in high school. My case has been treated as acne in a thousand different ways and only recently did my dermatologist do a fungal test that came out positive. I was originally prescribed a topical anti-fungal cream (Lamisil) and oral terbinafine for 2 weeks. No improvement. Went back, dermatologist, switched me to Griseofulvin for 4 weeks. I just completed week 2 yesterday (4/12) and have seen NO improvement.
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I'm a retired land surveyor that worked for many years in Florida. I have been searching for this name of this medicine for years. My condition had returned after 30 years and I account that to the Michigan swamps 5 years ago. Well I'll say short of cutting off your lower torso, nothing works on this condition. Dermatologists, doctors and MD's all give the standard non hydro-creams and powders. They only head the danger times but do not cure. Vietnam Vet pharmacist help me out on Fulvicin. Now I must spell it for my Michigan Doctor. GOD bless those who served.

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